The Synergies BC node provides support for journals in several ways. The SFU Library coordinates the development of the Public Knowledge Project (PKP) software suite. This includes the Open Journals System (OJS); Open Conference System (OCS); the PKP metadata harvester; and several new modules – Open Monograph Press (OMP) and Lemon8/XML –  under development. This open source software is readily available for downloading from the PKP Website. Documentation, instructional videos, links to the PKP support forum, and information on PKP's partnerships and related initiatives are also available on the website.

Through the combined resources of the SFU Library and SFU's Canadian Centre for Studies in Publishing, the Synergies BC node offers the full complement of online journal publishing support. The SFU Library provides several hosting and support options on its servers for journals. The details, support agreement, and costs are available at the Software @ SFU Library website. For Synergies-eligible journals, the hosting fee is waived until Dec. 31, 2009. SFU's Canadian Centre for Studies in Publishing — CCSP Press — provides journal publishing support including layout, editing, and production as well as non-technical assistance for those transitioning to online format or creating a new online journal.  Backfile digitization services are also available.

SFU Library also provides support for academic digitization and repository projects such as the Community Health Online Digital Archive Research Resource (CHODARR); the Mai '68 events archive; or the 2005 conference papers of the Digital Games Research Association.

For more information contact:

Brian Owen
Associate University Librarian
Phone: 778.782.7095

Lynn Copeland
University Librarian and Dean of Library Services
Phone: 778.782.3265

Rowland Lorimer
CCSP Director
Phone: 778.782.5240


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