Érudit is a research production and dissemination infrastructure serving the university community since 1998. Érudit is an interuniversity consortium comprising the Université de Montréal, Université Laval, and Université du Québec à Montréal.

Érudit is a non-profit organization promoting research results and offering access to several types of documents, including scholarly journals, books, proceedings, theses, and other research data. Through its research in digital publishing, Érudit contributes to the development of leading expertise in the field of academic publishing.

Digital publishing services

  • journals and books – preparation of digital formats in XML, PDF, XHTML; processing of standard page layout (Quark, PageMaker, InDesign) and word processing files (MSWord)
  • retrospective digitization – paper to digital versions; optical character recognition (OCR); XML processing
  • proceedings – publication of various formats in PDF
  • theses and dissertations – referencing and indexing within the Érudit search engine
  • documents and data – dissemination of research documents in an institutional repository (DSpace) and indexing of publications within the Érudit search engine

Distribution services

  • transversal access to various types of academic publications—journals, books, theses, dissertations, and preprints—through a single interface
  • mutualization of institutional collections of theses, dissertations, and preprints
  • powerful research tool
  • various distribution formats according to document type
  • distribution and referencing strategy
  • preparation of descriptive data (metadata) for documents and export to bibliographic databases
  • subscription management of digital versions (on request)
  • partnering and mutualization with Canadian and international networks

Érudit welcomes all academic journals, regardless of publisher or country of origin, provided that they meet the eligibility criteria of the editorial committee, composed of professors and researchers.

For more detailed information, or to request a quote for publishing your journal online, please contact:

Tanja Niemann
Coordinator, Digital Publishing
Phone: (514) 343-6111 extension 5473

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